Gift Vouchers

For pancake lovers, these gift vouchers really are a gift in themselves. Beautifully printed in gold embossed style, opening the envelope with one of our four messages will cheer up anyone in these unusual times.
The voucher can be claimed on the online shop or in the restaurant – which we vow to re-open as soon as we can.

The gift voucher will be sent to you by both email and postal mail – giving you the opportunity to gift it yourself, or you can add alternative addresses and a message and gift to someone else.

The voucher can be redeemed:

  • in the restaurant – £40+ is sufficient for a great brunch or dinner experience for 2 people.
  • at our online shop- where you’ll find all you need for a pancakes feast at home.

The gift voucher will be sent both by email and postal mail – you can:

  • gift it to yourself…
  • or enter the email address / delivery postal address of the lucky recipient at checkout.

Check out our superb flour mixes, toppings and coffee for a leisurely weekend brunch with friends and family.

Gift vouchers also available.